If you grew up in the 1990s, you might have heard about or even owned a Walkman at some point in time. As it turns out, Sony recently launched the NW-A306, a new Android-powered portable music player.

Built from aluminium, Sony’s latest Walkman comes with a 3.6-inch touchscreen, 32GB internal storage and has physical buttons that lets you control the user interface as well as the audio.

Weighing just 113 grams, the NW-A306 Walkman comes with Sony’s S-Master HX digital amp.

The NW-A306 retains its predecessor's 3.6-inch display too, 1.4-inches smaller than the display in the NW-ZX707.

Both displays operate at 1,280 x 720 pixels though, which means that the cheaper NW-A306 offers a sharper display than its more expensive sibling.

The company says the device also uses an AI-powered sound engine called DSEE Ultimate, which can upscale compressed audio, enhances CD quality 16-bit lossless codec audio and ‘restores acoustic subtleties and dynamic range.’

Sony only plans to offer the NW-A306 with 32 GB of storage in Europe and the UK. The NW-A306 will be available in black and blue colourways at launch for £349 and €399, respectively.

Sony states that the NW-A306 will be available later this month in Europe and the UK; the company has not shared a specific release date yet though, nor what the device looks like in blue.