Airline pilot threatens to halt plane take off after passenger AirDrops nude pictures

A video of a strict announcement by a SouthWest Airlines pilot has gone viral.

In the now viral video shared by Teighlor Marsalis, the pilot was heard announcing a strict order.

During a flight from Houston, Texas, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, passengers were surprised by the announcement made by the pilot of SouthWest Airlines.

The announcement had to be made after an anonymous passenger tried to send nudes via AirDrop feature to fellow passengers.

The offending item had been sent to a number of phones on board from someone using the AirDrop feature,

Teighlor Marsalis, who was on the flight, told US media she had just rejected a notification from the app.

when she heard two women sat in front of her suddenly react to the photos, who ended up showing her what they had been sent.