Crews are working diligently to contain a massive structure fire which broke out of an under construction apartment complex in Sugar House.

The incident was reported by fire crews a short time before midnight near 1040 East and 2220 South in Salt Lake City.

The burning building was located just west of Highland Drive, south of 2100 South, and ignited sometime before 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Capt. Tony Stowe said crews believe no one was inside the building, which he described as a largely open-frame structure that seemed to still be under construction.

Salt Lake City police tweeted that “there are concerns the building on fire will collapse” and several nearby roads have been closed.

Sugarmont, a nearby apartment complex, was evacuated out of caution. Hundreds of residents who lived nearby were asked to leave, Stowe said.

At the time, those ladder units were working in sync to shoot water up to 110 feet in the air, aimed at flames that could be seen spitting out from the building’s top floors, according to footage released by the department.

Attempts to reach Lee late Tuesday were unsuccessful. But Lee later reported on Twitter at about 12:50 a.m. Wednesday that they had since evacuated from their neighboring vantage point and were OK, noting that embers could be seen falling in the area “even a few blocks away.”