It is unknown what caused the 40-meter-long vessel called "My Saga" to go under

A 40-meter-long (131-foot) superyacht capsized nine miles off the coast of Catanzaro, Italy on Saturday.

Shocking footage released by the Italian coast guard shows the vessel, named My Saga, sinking stern-first near the Catanzaro Marina.

According to the BBC, "the Italian coast guard rescued all nine people on board – four passengers and five crew.

The outlet reported the ship was heading from Gallipoli to Milazzo.

An investigation of the incident is ongoing and it is still unclear what caused the yacht to sink.

In the video tweeted by the Italian coast guard, the yacht is seen floating on its side amid rough waters before its rear starts dipping into the Ionian Sea.

The footage cuts to the vessel then halfway submerged in the water before it quickly vanishes beneath the surface.