Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts said that the company has high expectations for Wild Hearts, a monster hunt game created by Koei Tecmos Omega Force.

Electronic Arts will release the action role-playing game Wild Hearts beginning next year in cooperation with Koei Temco. According to O’Reilly CEO Andrew Wilson, hunting title offers everything fans need.

In recent weeks, the Electronic Arts and Japanese publisher Koei Tecmo Games announced an ongoing work on the action role-playing game Wild Hearts

With the line of The Devil, co-op would be in the same direction as the game’s The Devil, according to the names of the lions. The studio is famous for the classic franchise Dynasty Warriors.

Wilson explained that Wild Hearts was born from a small idea that grew up within the company. But when a representative of the EA saw the result, they were extremely impressed.

According to the director, the game is still young and has gotten into trouble. He has many creative ideas that fans love.

And so the reaction to Wild Hearts was very positive, not only for the company, but also among the players. Wilson believes that it is difficult to predict the scale of success

As part of the latest business figures, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson spoke a few words about the action role-playing game, which will be released in early 2023, and indicated that he’s convinced of the potential of this project.