The Indian Railways will hold a heritage run of a 167-year-old locomotive,

The world's oldest working steam engine called EIR-21 today, commemorating the 75th Independence Day celebrations.

A heritage special service by EIR-21 would be run between Chennai Egmore and Kodambakkam railway stations here on August 15, at 2.30 PM, the Railways said.

The Express EIR 21 locomotive was originally shipped to India from England in 1855.

After withdrawal from service in 1909, it was kept as an exhibit at Jamalpur workshops in Bihar for over 101 years.

"Please watch this moment when the trial run was organised for EIR-21 on the eve of the special heritage run on 15-08-2022.

The beautiful sound of the whistle will send you back to the times of the steam locomotive from the days gone by," wrote DRM Chennai in a tweet.

The diesel generator set is mounted on the coach for braking system, water pump and train lightings.