Tritium DCFC Ltd.’s direct current (DC) fast chargers are now available for purchase by government entities through the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement

U.S. federal agencies can now purchase Tritium’s fast chargers via any company partners that are current Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) holders and have been awarded a BPA contract.

This announcement is the latest example of Tritium’s commitment to electrifying North America through its state-of-the-art DC fast chargers. It also comes on the heels of the opening of the company's first U.S. manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee.

After opening one of the country’s only DC fast charger manufacturing facilities in August, Tritium is proud to support the federal government’s efforts to electrify its transportation operations.

As the Biden Administration continues its pursuit of electrifying the entire federal fleet, this BPA simplifies the process of obtaining EV-related equipment and ancillary services, including Tritium’s DC fast chargers.

According to the GSA’s most recent inventory, the federal government’s more than 650,000 vehicles collectively traveled over 4.2 million miles last year.

Also in 2021, the Biden administration issued an executive order designed to accelerate the electrification of the U.S. government fleet, of which EVs currently comprise less than 1%.

Tritium is pleased to see the United States government’s commitment to building accessible, reliable fast charging services to support an electric federal fleet