The first step to companies reducing their carbon emissions is measuring them. On Monday, Uber rolled out a new tool to do just that, allowing companies to track emissions when employees take business-related rides.

Roughly 170,000 companies rely on Uber to transport employees. They now have access to a number of sustainability insights on the Uber for Business dashboard that the company shared exclusively with Protocol.

The new features include information on how many low-emissions rides a client’s employees have taken, as well as the company’s total emissions across all rides and the average grams of carbon dioxide emitted per mile.

Organizations can access metrics such as total carbon emissions and the percentage of corporate travel trips taken on low emission alternatives, including Uber Green, Comfort Electric and Uber Planet.

As corporate travel returns, clients could use this data to get a clearer picture of the climate toll of employees’ hailing rides on work trips or to and from events — and set targets for reducing those emissions.

For most companies, this information will be new. While an increasing number of companies are setting net zero targets for their operations

Several of Uber’s clients, including Salesforce, have had access to the platform since early September, and Anderson said it was designed in consultation with many Uber for Business users and built with their climate goals in mind.

Uber has committed to being a zero-emissions ride platform globally by 2040, with an interim goal of offering rides exclusively in electric vehicles in cities across the U.S., Canada and Europe by 2030.