World Cancer Day is observed annually on 4 February. The day is a global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Cancer is considered to be the second leading cause of death around the world.

World Cancer Day aims to reduce multiple deaths that happen each year by raising awareness about the disease and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against it.

World Cancer Day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008.

Cancer is a large group of diseases that attack any organ or tissue of the human body. The cells go abnormal and beyond control by invading more cancer cells in the adjoining parts of the body.

Cancer has become the second leading disease that causes death globally. An estimate provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows the death of 9.6 million individuals in the year 2018.

World Cancer Day was established on 4 February 2000 at the World Cancer Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium, which was held in Paris

The theme for the years 2022-2024 is 'Close the care gap' that focuses on eliminating the difference in access to cancer care services faced by populations of various groups of country income, age, gender, ethnicity etc.

The day starts with creating campaigns across nations to address the global impact of cancer. The campaign brings together like-minded people to make stronger alliances and innovative new collaborations.