World Smile Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of October. This year, it is being observed today, October 7. It was first celebrated in 1999. This year's theme is "Do an act of kindness.

American commercial artist Harvey Ball, from Worcester, Massachusetts, is the pioneer behind World Smile Day. In 1963, he created the Smiley Face that we all know today and which has become iconic.

Harvey felt at least one day of the year should be dedicated when people smile and indulge in kind acts. Harvey passed away in 2001 following which, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was set up to honour his name and memory.

Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.' That's the theme of World Smile Day this year, and in fact, that's the theme every year. It urges people to do something that will bring a smile to somebody's face.

When you are feeling low, you can try smiling and trick your mind into being in a happy state. This mind elevates your mood and put you in a better mood.

Throughout the years, the smiley face has become one of the most well-known symbols in the world. It has appeared in movies such as ‘Forest Gump’ and used as a motif in the graphic novel, ‘Watchmen.’

It’s so well-known that just by saying “smiley face”, we bet that you can see it in your mind. That recognizable yellow circle with black dots for eyes and a simple curve for a genuine and pure smile.

However, the original smiley face had more of an oblong smile, a bit more hand drawn in aesthetic, taking up more space on the face than we see in modern recreations. Because of its overuse, it started to move away from its intent of goodwill and good cheer and he knew something had to be done.