December 5 is observed as the World Soil Day (WSD), to highlight the value of healthy soil and to promote the sustainable management of soil resources.

World Soil Day enjoins individuals to consider sustainably managing soil resources. The main goal of the day is to increase public awareness of the significant environmental issues that soil degradation can lead to, such as erosion, the loss of organic matter, and a drop in soil fertility.

It reminds us to be grateful and appreciate the ground beneath our feet and the healthy soil on which our life depends.

We often forget that the world would have no food security without soil. Thus today is the day we want people to know about sustainable soil management and the need to pay more attention to it.

The theme for world soil day is ‘Soils: Where Food Begins.' The theme of this year emphasizes the importance of soil and how it is regarded as the beginning of life.

It is because the soil helps plants grow and plants play a major role in sustaining life on earth. Healthy soil also promotes the growth of healthy plants, meaning healthy food and in turn healthy humans.

Since the first WSD in 2014, the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) has been able to pique the interest of both soil experts and amateurs, meaning that more people are connecting and working together to preserve soils with each passing year.

World Soil Day highlights what else has to be done to protect soil despite campaigns to raise awareness of its value.